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Your Way To Feng Shui

Believe in the Balance

What Does Your Space Say About You?

Did you know that the way you position your front door, stove, bed, and desk has something to do with your success? If you’re struggling with your relationships, wealth, or career, it may be high time to master the art of placement.

Master the Art of Placement

Feng (wind) Shui (water) is the traditional Chinese art of placement that enables people to live in a balanced and energizing environment. By making your space work for you, you are inviting harmony and balance into your home. 

3 Ways to Invite Harmony and Balance

At Your Way To Feng Shui, there are many ways to achieve harmony and balance. Check out the services I offer and contact me for a Feng Shui consultation. I also offer products that assist in meditation and natural healing.

Body-Centered Vibrational Sound Massage

Stressed, tired, overworked, or need a break? You need to try body-centered vibrational sound massage to rejuvenate yourself. This is an advanced relaxation method using Zen therapeutic singing bowls directly on the clothed body. 

Hostess Special

Get a free session by having a home session with three paying guests.

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Have you ever longed for insight when faced with a dilemma or decision? If this sounds familiar, then learning I-Ching is for you. I-Ching is a sophisticated system that assists in the decision-making process. It allows for superior timing as you attract and achieve what you want and need.

Hostess Special

Get a free session by having a home session with three paying guests.

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Feng Shui Personal Home or Business Consultation

Did you know that you can raise the energy vibration in your living or workspace? In this class, you'll create your personal floor plan and explore the nine guas: wealth, health, knowledge, fame/reputation, relationships, family, creativity, career, and helpful people.

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Get your series free by having three paying guests.

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Learn More About What I Offer

Ask me about specialty items, hostess incentives, donating to your event, or being a vendor. I have themed bookmarks for all ages, body and lip scrubs for men and women, Paparazzi jewelry, and more. If you are in Chicago, Illinois or Hollywood, California, you can also book a celebrity for your next event. Contact me for more details.

Want to Start Your Own Business?

I’m looking for teachers who want to earn extra income. I sell lead- and nickel-free jewelry for only $5 each. All necklace purchases come with earrings, too. Kits are only $99 inclusive of free items and a business gift! If this sounds cool, call me today and let’s talk.

Memberships and Associations

Hollywood, California Chamber of Commerce

Burbank, Illinois Chamber of Commerce

Frankfort, Illinois Chamber of Commerce

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