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Michele Govea-Paparazzi Accessories - Feng Shui and Fashion Jewelry


N a m a s t e

Welcome to Your Way To Feng Shui

Are You Ready To Find Your Balance?

You Deserve a Massage!!

Body-Centered Vibrational Sound Massage

Stressed, tired, overworked, or need a break?  You need to try body-centered vibrational sound massage to rejuvenate yourself.  This is an advanced relaxation method using ZEN therapeutic singing bowls directly on the clothed body.           

                    Hostess Special

Get a free session by having a home session with 3 paying guests.

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You Need Answers!!


Have you ever longed for insight when faced with a dilemma or decision? If this sounds familiar, then learning I-Ching is for you. I-Ching is a sophisticated system that assists in the decision-making process. It allows for superior timing as you attract & achieve what you want & need.

 Hostess Special

Get a free session by having a home session with 3 paying guests.

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Time to Learn Something for ME!

Feng Shui Personal Home or Business Consultation

Did you know that you can raise the energy vibration in your living / work space? In this class you'll create your personal floor plan & explore the 9 guas: wealth,  health, knowledge,

fame/reputation, relationships, family,  creativity,  career & helpful people.

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paying guests.

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